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Choosing A Gaming Video Card September 12 2014

Before purchasing a gaming graphics card one should research for video cards, considering its different features and requirements. The features include: Compatibility, which means it must be compatible and work perfectly along with other hardware attached in a computer system. The higher the resolution of your screen, more video cards memory needed to play high end games. Graphic processing unit (GPU), which defines the video capabilities. The graphics card must also support different outputs such... Read More

Choosing A Professional GPU September 12 2014

A professional graphics card is used to process high end graphics editing, designing and modeling software such as CAD. The primary concerns with such video cards are reliability and stability to handle the workload. It often expands the options for professional use which is disabled in the gaming purpose GPUs. Professional GPUs allow designer to view models with detailed reflection, shadow, and shades with edges and also increase performance. The professional graphics card have similar... Read More

Dedicated And Integrated Video Cards September 12 2014

GPUs are used to process graphical information in a computer system and used as an in-built hardware or installed later after a purchase of a PC. The in-built graphics cards are known as the integrated video card. If a user purchases a graphics card from market and install it into his/her system as an additional hardware then such graphics cards are known as dedicated or standard video card. Integrated GPUs do not have its own... Read More

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